Wandervogel by Mina Fitzpatrick

Dan Dailey lives in the middle of the Texas desert, one of the least populated, and darkest places in the U.S. Dan chose this place for a reason; in 2009 he started a retreat for juvenile parricides, or kids who have killed their parents. Wandervogel begins when two documentary filmmakers arrive at Dan Dailey’s residence to make a film and find him dead. From there, the story unfolds as the filmmakers are thrust into a search for Dan’s cause of death, and next of kin. They find out about Dan’s unnatural obsession with Nazi youth, his recent altercation with a young man, and his status as a “weirdo” in the town. WANDERVOGEL is both a look outward into Dan’s life and legacy, and inward towards the process of documentation.

San Sebastián Film Festival
Chicago International Film Festival